Our History

A Cut Above is appropriately named because our clients tell us that we consistently go above and beyond their expectations. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, I was instilled with a blue collar work ethic and always taught that if something is worth doing, do it right. My mentality then, and still, is no matter what the job or task, do it to the best of your ability and then some.

In 1985, I moved to California, where I met and married my wife, Lori. We've been happily married for 31 years. A few years after settling in California, I got a job working for Walt Disney Imagineering. I was an Electrical Tech, and from day one, I was instructed to do things the "Disney" way. Whether you're producing an on/off switch or a complex animatronic figure, take pride in and ownership of that product. Make it the best you possibly can and look for ways to grow and improve your knowledge and skills.

My Imagineering position began a journey where I was blessed to work with some incredibly talented and creative fellow Imagineers. They became mentors to me and challenged my ability to not only create, but to be mindful of schedules and budget. I had no way of knowing how important those lessons would become. You must produce an exceptional product, at a reasonable price and in a timely manner!!

Fairly early in my tenure, my boss decided I might be a good fit to work in the engraving room. There was some expensive equipment being used and he trusted me to be able to operate it and expand its usage. That sparked my interest in all the amazing things that can be produced with an engraving machine and that spark became an inferno when I got to see a laser engraver in operation. I was hooked and knew I had to own one.

After 19 years at Disney, I began my own company in 2006 and worked at both places for the next 6 years. Eventually, I retired from Disney and have devoted myself to building up the engraving business along with Lori. In the spring of 2021, we made the decision to leave California and moved ourselves, our puppies, and our business to Twin Falls Idaho. Here, we found a new home and a welcoming community, where we reestablished the business and couldn't be happier that we chose Twin Falls to call home!

As you can see on my website, I offer a wide selection of engraving services. Many projects brought to us are fairly standard but are still important and treated as such. Other times, people bring in unique ideas with unusual material or shapes. These create interesting challenges, but I am always very optimistic about making these visions a reality. I have to be optimistic...I've been a Cleveland Browns fan since birth!!

Jack Raupach

Owner & President

A Cut Above Laser Engraving & Cutting